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Nele Derynck

Nele Derynck

Ms Nele Derynck began her career with the Belgian Customs Service in 2005 after studying commercial sciences and postgraduate fiscal sciences. She has worked continuously since then at the Non-Fiscal Legislation Service, within the Legislation Department at the Central Services in Brussels, where she specialised in export control. She is a WCO-accredited lecturer in Strategic Trade Control Enforcement and contributes in EU outreaches for partner countries.

Since 2015, she has been in charge of the service, managing 10 fellow experts in a variety of matters within prohibitions and restrictions. These 'P&R' have experienced expansion and increasing complexity and interconnectivity over the past decade which poses numerous challenges. The Non-Fiscal Legislation Service deals with the prohibition, control and restriction measures applicable to import, export and transit movements where Customs carries out supervision and control on behalf of other federal and federated public authorities such as FAFS, FPS Environment, FPS Economy and the Regions.

Jef Hermans

Nele Derynck

Managing Director of Portmade NV (as part of the Customs Support Group). Customs Representation in 14 countries with focus on digital communication and interfacing with clients and government. Industry, logistic providers and transport operators is the target audience for consultancy and customs declarations. Partner in various branch associations in Antwerp, Zeebruges and national. (Forward Belgium, VOKA Alfaport, APZI, Verexz, ...)

Co-convenor National Forum Customs (Marketing & Communication) + Steering group National Forum Customs

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